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5 Marla House Construction Cost

5 Marla House Construction Cost

5 Marla House Construction Cost: 7877875first of all, we want to inform you of 5 marla residence building prices from basis to plaster end together with boundary wall price and security grills, and metal essential gate

about 5 marla home building prices there are such a lot of blogs on the web a number of them are right and plenty of them are flawed by unprofessional

we’ll inform you precisely in Shah Allah there can be very barely differenced on the execution

10 marla home design 

price of building 5 marla home we’ll begin from labor basis until plaster and we’ll inform you about what issues are included within the gray construction

the commonest query of the individuals once they name and ask about gray construction objects and price

approx these days gray construction until plasters labor price is ranging from 275/sqft as much as 350/sqft

It will depend on the design and placement of the tasks

and 5 marla home lined are is approx ranging from for the two-story home is 1900/sqft as much as 2100/sqft

Labor prices for the 5 marla home

275 x 1900 = 522,500/= PKR

350 x 1900 = 665,000/= PKR

Until Gray Construction work (plaster together with exterior work no must pay further for the surface work )

Bricks for the 5 marla home building

approx 70,000 bricks required for the 5 marla home building 2 story constructing with 2nd ground 170/sqft together with parapet wall and boundary wall

in case your plot depth is 3 ft down most from the highway stage

these days bricks price is 11.5 1st class brick 2nd class brick price is 10.5

70000 x 12.5 = 805.000/= PKR

70000 x 11.5 = 735.000/=PKR

now we’ll inform you a lot of cement baggage do it is advisable to construct 5 marla building

These days the cement baggage worth is 515-525 PKR

and you have to 1050 cement baggage for all of the work together with wall mortar plaster PCC and all exterior work

1050 x 750= 787,500/= PKR 

how a lot of gravel do you want for the 5 marla home building

you have to 1800/sqft crush (gravel stone 1/2 down ) for the development slabs (lentil ) and p.c.c

gravel worth is

98 marginalia

93 rohi

90 Sargodha regular

95 Sargodha particular

1800 x 90= 162,000/= PKR

sand how a lot of sand trolley do you want for the development of 5 marla home

approx you have to 6 trolleys for the 5 marla home

every trolley gonna price you around 9k it will depend on the gap and metropolis

9000 x 7 = 63,000/= PKR

Metal Rebar How do you want for the 5 marla home slabs 2 tales with 2nd ground 170/sqft

approx you have to 2500/kg metal for the all work like slabs ( lentil ) and different mics work there are 3 varieties of metal out there available in the market

1 Grade 60

2 Grade 40

3 Native Metal

Grade 60 price is 195

Grade 40 price is 185

The native metal price is 170

2500 x 195 =  487,000/= PKR


Electrical Pipes underground solely piping included within the gray construction

available in the market, there are such a lot of varieties of electrical pipes out there however a few of them are good like

1 well-liked

2 GM

3 Turk Plast

approx electrical pipes expense is 45k without labor solely piping wall packing containers and fan packing containers and different mics objects well-liked model

Electrical labor going to shut your lumpsum quantity 30k approx

Electrical pipes 45,000/=

Electrician labor 30,000/=

Whole Electrical price 75,000/= PKR

Plumbing pipes and GAS WATER Sewerage and PPRC pipes

identical right here there are such a lot of manufacturers within the pipes as properly most of them are native however a few of them are the very best

1 Standard


3 Turk Plast

Approx plumber and PPC pipes going to price you for the 5 marla home 110,000/=

and labor for all work until gray construction 40,000/=


Mics Gadgets for the 5 marla residence building price

Termite proofing

Basis PCC

Exterior work Mics

goes to price you around 70,000/=

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