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Architect Design

Architect Design

Architect Design all kinds of buildings. He designs Holmes Commercial Building School and Skyscrapers. Design of hospitals and hotels. They also design mosques, train stations, and simple old houses. Any building that people use can be designed by an architect. The building is then built by a construction company that follows the guidelines of the construction plan. The architect will closely monitor the construction company to ensure that the building is built according to plan. Architects have to think about many things before planning a building. First, they need to think about who the building will be used for.

How many people will be using the building at the same time? What kind of activities will these people carry out in the building?

The office building will require many small office rooms. A school will need many medium-sized rooms for classrooms. And a train station would need a large room for hundreds of people to pass through at the same time. All of these buildings must be constructed in such a way that they can be used by all who pass through their doors. When architects discuss what the building will be used for, they talk about the “function” of the building. But the building’s function is one of many things an architect must consider when designing. Good architects also spend a lot of time making sure the building is designed safely and will last for many years. A building that is not designed safely can catch fire or collapse on its own.

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Architect Design and Decoration

The architect has to design the building so that people can avoid it in an emergency.

Of course, some emergencies, like earthquakes, destroy even the safest buildings.

So when designing a building, the architect must be a good artist and a good scientist.

The building must be strong enough to be pleasing to the eye, pleasant to work in, and safe from natural disasters.

Trying to do all of these things at once is part of the challenge and passion of being an architect.

Architect and Interior Design and Decoration

  1. AutoCAD drawing
  2. 3d perspective
  3. architectural 2D
  4. Presentation, drawing for LDA, TMO
  5. working drawing
  6. Electric
  7. Plumbing / Pipes
  8. air conditioning
  9. closed TV circuit
  10. fire alarm drawing
  11. roof pattern
  12. ground pattern
  13. The kitchen
  14. LCD wall design