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construction company in Lahore

construction company in Lahore:

Architect Design

all kinds of buildings. He designs Holmes Commercial Building School and Skyscrapers. Design of hospitals and hotels. They also design mosques, train stations, and simple old houses. Any building that people use can be designed by an architect. The building is then built by a construction company that follows the guidelines of the construction plan. The architect will closely monitor the construction company to ensure that the building is built according to plan. Architects have to think about many things before planning a building. First, they need to think about who the building will be used for.

How many people will be using the building at the same time? What kind of activities will these people carry out in the building?

The office building will require many small office rooms. A school will need many medium-sized rooms for classrooms. And a train station would need a large room for hundreds of people to pass through at the same time. All of these buildings must be constructed in such a way that they can be used by all who pass through their doors. When architects discuss what the building will be used for, they talk about the “function” of the building. But the building’s function is one of many things an architect must consider when designing. Good architects also spend a lot of time making sure the building is designed safely and will last for many years. A building that is not designed safely can catch fire or collapse on its own.

construction company in lahore Architect Design

construction company: GREY STRUCTURE

Grey Structure: Khan Construction Company only offers grey structure with a standard in 1350 / SQFT – 1450 / SQFT Content of your choice

We operate a complete gray structure with a fixed covered area fee. After that, depending on the client’s intention, we also provide complete finishing services. Our competitive advantage comes from our unique knowledge and experience in Turn projects.

We provide efficient project management that will enable you to succeed in the marketplace through the unique use of trunk engineering and construction management skills.

construction company in lahore GREY STRUCTURE

Turnkey Finishing Items

  1. Finishing in addition to the ceiling; Elegant custom design by professionals.
  2. electrical wiring
  3. Tile or marble floor ceiling
  4. Marble slabs in stairs and kitchens
  5. Metal railings on the stairs.
  6. Layer flat on food if needed
  7. Filler putty base on the walls.
  8. All semi-solid wood doors) except for the front door (solid front door)
  9. UV or frosting in front of the laminated sheets back box as decided.
  10. Cabinet Plus Plasma Clothing in T.V Lounge as decided (Laminated Sheet)
  11. The kitchens will also include laminate sheets, back boxes, and solid wood front panels.
  12. Ceramic floor and wall tiles.
  13. marble slab
    Chrome hardware and accessories such as Sonics/Master as desired.
  14. Designed with hood (laminated solid wood front)
  15. stainless steel sink
  16. Range of tiles for bathrooms
  17. marble vanities
  18. bathroom accessories
  19. bathroom accessories 
  20. Chrome straps and hardware
  21. Glass showers / mass design
  22. Autumn lights on the ceiling
  23. switch plates
  24. luxury wall lamps
  25. Flashlight in the drawing
  26. Exterior lights / perimeter wall / door
  27. Outside marble; Garage roof, alley.
  28. Plastic emulsion paint on walls and distiller on top
  29. Polish and Elfen varnish panel and woodcarving design.
  30. Outdoor giraffe/weather sheet
  31. Girls and metallic paint on the door and railing.
  32. Aluminum windows
Turnkey Project

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